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Aero WhatsApp

Efficiency, reliability, usability
Aero WhatsApp apk download latest version

Aero WhatsApp Download APK 2024 Latest Version |Download WhatsApp Aero Terbaru

Built-in Chat Lock

Unique Color Theme

Anti-Deletion Messages

Hide Double Blue Ticks

Shake new friends

Various Love Stickers

Dual Account Operation

Multiple Engaging Themes

Latest Version | Official Website:

Aero WhatsApp apk is a relatively new mod of WhatsApp that has surfaced in recent years. This app, created by Bozkurt Hazzar in 2019, is based on the official WhatsApp and provides similar security features. However, Aero WhatsApp apk stands out by offering unique advantages on top of the benefits of other mods and the official version. It allows users to chat with friends and family while also adding several useful features and reducing the number of bugs compared to official WhatsApp. These features include a DND mode, private chat, and a wider range of emojis. If you’re interested in trying out Aero WhatsApp apk, you can download it using the official link provided.

NameAero WhatsApp Apk
Last updated1 Day Ago
Requirements for Android5.0 or Above

DND Mode

Private chat

Multiple emojis

Aero Themes Store

Fingerprint Lock

Caller Blacklist

Hide blue ticks

Dark theme

HD image sending

Support for all languages

Anti-wipe feature

Automatic response messages

Why is Aero WhatsApp so popular with users?

Due to its unique advantages, Aero WhatsApp has become a highly anticipated and popular app among users. It is inevitable for users to compare the latest version of Aero WhatsApp in 2024 with the official WhatsApp. The following table illustrates the distinct features that make Aero WhatsApp so appealing to users.

FeaturesAero WhatsAppOriginal WhatsApp 2024
Send picturesSend HD images without compressionSend images but compressing the quality
Send filesAbility to send any media fileAbility to send some media file
DND mode
Private chat
Multiple emojis
Fingerprint lock
Hide blue ticks
Anti-delete feature
Auto-reply messages

Aero WhatsApp latest updates

New features

DND Mode

One of the standout features of WhatsApp Aero is its DND mode, which is also known as Flight mode. This feature is especially noteworthy, as it ties into the app’s name. Upon opening WhatsApp Aero, users will notice a plane icon at the top of the home page. Clicking on this icon will activate DND mode. This feature is useful when users want to avoid receiving all their WhatsApp Aero messages. With Airplane mode, users can easily hide all their messages without having to enable Flight mode on their device, which would prevent them from receiving messages from other apps as well.

Private chat

In today’s digital age, users are becoming increasingly concerned about the privacy of their chat content. Certain media shared between users, such as videos, pictures, and gifs, may contain sensitive information that users do not want others to see. Fortunately, the latest version of Aero WhatsApp apk download offers a solution to this issue. When using Aero WhatsApp apk, all chat media, including pictures, videos, and gifs, are kept private. Users can choose to disable the option of seeing this media from their phone’s gallery. This ensures that all media shared in Aero WhatsApp apk remain exclusive to the app, providing users with a greater sense of privacy and security.

Multiple emojis

In modern internet chat, emojis have become an indispensable element of communication. However, each platform has different sets of emojis that cannot be displayed in other apps. Fortunately, Aero WhatsApp has solved this issue. In the latest version of Aero WhatsApp 2024, users can access not only the traditional WhatsApp emojis, but also those from Facebook and iOS. With Aero WhatsApp, users can send multiple versions of emojis using just one app, making communication more seamless and enjoyable.

Aero Themes Store

One of the main reasons why users opt for mod versions of WhatsApp is to escape from the monotonous official theme. However, with Aero WhatsApp, users have access to thousands of visually stunning themes to choose from. Additionally, Aero WhatsApp incorporates the Yo WhatsApp theme library, allowing users to customize their app pages according to their preferences. The best part is that all these themes are available for free. Users can enjoy the unique changes made by these themes without having to spend a penny on Aero WhatsApp.

Fingerprint Lock

In addition to the first level of privacy protection offered by Aero WhatsApp, the latest version 2024 provides a second layer of protection. Many users are concerned about unintentional snooping on their chat history, and unfortunately, the official WhatsApp does not offer a privacy lock. This presents a high risk of privacy compromise. However, Aero WhatsApp 2024 has a built-in fingerprint lock that prevents the content of users’ chats from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. This dual-layer protection ensures that users’ privacy is safeguarded. Even if users lose their phones, they need not worry about their chat history being compromised.

Optimized features updated

Hide blue ticks: In Aero WhatsApp, users have the right to choose whether to display the blue ticks or not.

Ability to send any media file: Aero WhatsApp 2024 can transfer any file, regardless of its format.

Send HD images without compression: Aero WhatsApp has worked hard to optimize this feature so that the image or video quality sent by the user is not compressed during the transfer.

Support for all languages: Aero WhatsApp 2024 is available in any language.

Anti-delete feature: Aero WhatsApp 2024 latest version supports the user’s choice of whether or not to enable anti-delete.

Auto-reply messages: Users can choose to enable auto-reply in Aero WhatsApp and set the content of the auto-reply.

How to download Aero WhatsApp

The steps to download the aero WhatsApp apk are simple and all for free! All you need to do is follow these steps and you will be able to use WhatsApp without any problems

1. Make sure you phone are in an environment with a smooth internet connection.

2. Make sure your phone is very full of content. A lack of memory on your phone will definitely cause the installation to fail, so you must take care of that.

3. Make sure that you have backed up all your data (if you have used the original WhatsApp before, make sure you remember to back it up).

4. Make sure that you have uninstalled the original WhatsApp before installing the aero WhatsApp apk.

5. Make sure that you have allowed the phone to install unknown sources.

6. Click on the official download link below and transfer the file to your phone once the download is complete.

7. Find the transferred file on your phone and click install it.

Once this is done, you can start using the power of aero WhatsApp new version! Go ahead and explore!

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FAQs of Aero WhatsApp

Question 1: How do I back up or restore aero WhatsApp?

The backup and restore paths are pretty much the same, you just need to remember which options to click on!


Remembering the backup path will do you no harm! Because the backup will help you to save the information you want.

Open the APP and click on Aero Privileges > Universal > Backup and restore >Backup WhatsApp data


Once you have backed up you can restore the content of the data you want to restore at any time.

First you need to download and install the APK, then open it: click on Aero Privileges > Universal > Backup and restore > Restore WhatsApp data

Question 2: What are the steps of Aero WhatsApp update?

Before you update, you need to understand that it is best not to uninstall the aero WhatsApp currently on your phone and then download the latest version to update it. This is because there is a risk of data loss.

The best way to download and baixar aero WhatsApp is to check within the APP to see if the latest version is available. If the latest version is available, click on it and follow the instructions above to update. If you are presently on the latest version, you can wait for the next update.

Final words

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Aero WhatsApp, including its features and installation process. With its superior privacy protection and customizable home page, Aero WhatsApp 2024 is an excellent choice for users who seek innovation and new features. However, it is important to understand the potential issues that come with downloading Aero WhatsApp. Unlike the official app shop, Aero WhatsApp is not available for download or update through an automatic process. Users must manually download and install the app, which can be more complicated than the official WhatsApp. Therefore, users should weigh the pros and cons and be prepared before deciding to download and use Aero WhatsApp.

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