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WhatsApp Plus

More features, More convenience, More ease of use

WhatsApp Plus Download 2024 Latest Version Free Official

Customizable themes

Hide online status


Built-in App Lock

Dual Account Operation

Various Love Stickers

Shake new friends

Unique Color Theme

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The long-awaited WhatsApp Plus has been on the market for a while now. WhatsApp Plus, also known to users as WhatsApp blue Plus or WhatsApp Plus blue, has the core requirement of the recent messaging revolution — message security. And, WhatsApp Plus 2024 aims to provide the features that the original WhatsApp was limited to. It now has over 600 million users and its users are located in several countries and regions around the world. As a new mod for the original WhatsApp, the development team has tried their best to make WhatsApp Plus more unique, more functional and easier to use. Now is a good time to get WhatsApp Plus APK and enjoy all the changes its technology brings.

App NameWhatsapp Plus APK
Android Version5.0+
App size58MB
License TypeFreeware

WhatsApp Plus latest version VS Original WhatsApp

WhatsApp Plus stands out from the original WhatsApp and a host of mods of original WhatsApp due to its uniqueness and security. In terms of functionality, the development team of WhatsApp APK Plus has worked to break the limitations of the original WhatsApp while retaining as much of the original WhatsApp’s strengths as possible. As a result, there are many similarities and differences between WhatsApp Plus blue and the original WhatsApp.

Same: blue WhatsApp plus has the same basic features as the original WhatsApp, such as text, voice or video chat, media transfer, file transfer, blue ticks, online status and much more.

Differences: The differences between the two are also obvious. The biggest feature is that WhatsApp Plus blue offers very few restrictions in any respect. For example, users can choose to hide the blue ticks and online status in WhatsApp Plus blue. In addition, WhatsApp Plus can offer some features that the original WhatsApp does not, such as Auto-reply and built-in App Lock.

The table below compares WhatsApp Plus 2024 with the original WhatsApp and provides a reliable reference.

FeatureWhatsapp Plus 2024Official WhatsApp
Text, voice & video chat
Group chat
Transferring photos & videosHD PicturesCompression of picture quality
Message forwardingno limit5 chats
Transferring files2GB100MB
Customizable themes, wallpapers and fonts
Hide blue ticks
Hide online status
Built-in App Lock
Hide typing
Icon changing
Bulk messaging
Always online
Chat in private

Changes brought about by WhatsApp Plus APK 2024

Compared to WhatsApp Plus old version such as WhatsApp Plus 2019, WhatsApp Plus 2020 and WhatsApp Plus 2021, WhatsApp Plus new version offers a number of new features and optimizes some of the previous original features.

Exclusive features of the latest version of WhatsApp Plus

Customizable themes, wallpapers and fonts

One of the biggest complaints many users have about the official WhatsApp is the lack of a variety of themes. The official WhatsApp only offers users two themes. This is very restrictive for many users who like to customize the app’s interface. WhatsApp Plus blue, on the other hand, has no such restrictions. This is because the WhatsApp Plus APK latest version offers a large number of themes. And it’s all free and without any ads. With WhatsApp APK Plus you can change not only the theme, but even the font and wallpaper. Users can choose your favorite fonts and customize the wallpaper.

Hide online status

The original WhatsApp can never hide its online status. Users could only choose to be online or not online. But WhatsApp Plus blue gives users more options. Users can choose to hide your online status. Not everyone wants to show their online status to all their contacts. This feature is therefore a great convenience for those who are actually online but do not want their contacts to know.

Hide blue ticks

Once again, the best feature of the official WhatsApp is that users can use the blue ticks to see if a contact has received a message, or if the contact has read the message. This feature has its good and bad points; the advantage is that users always know what people are doing. But the disadvantage is also obvious: so does everyone else. After all, sometimes users will see a message but not want to reply to it. In the original WhatsApp, the worst thing about this feature was that the user had no way to make a choice. There was no option for users to choose whether they wanted blue ticks or not. But in the WhatsApp Plus latest version, this is no longer the case. Users are free to choose whether or not to use the blue ticks. But users can still continue to see the blue tick marks for your own contacts.


Don’t want your contacts to wait too long for a reply from you? Don’t miss this feature. Normally, this feature is only available in WhatsApp Business. However, to use WhatsApp Business, users have to join a business. In WhatsApp Plus 2024, users can use this feature directly without having to join a business as in WhatsApp Business. With WhatsApp web Plus, users can use autoresponders immediately. Furthermore, users will not find this feature in the official WhatsApp. This makes the WhatsApp Plus latest version very special.

Built-in App Lock

Descargar WhatsApp Plus brings the built-in App Lock to enhance the security of WhatsApp Plus. This is a completely new feature. Normally, users can only use the phone lock to protect the privacy of their chats. WhatsApp Plus is committed to providing users with sufficient security.

Optimized features of WhatsApp Plus latest version

Message forwarding: In the WhatsApp Plus APK 2024, message forwarding has been optimized. There is no longer a limit to the number of messages that can be forwarded.

Hide typing: Users can choose to hide their typing status.

Icon changing: The WhatsApp Plus update APK offers a variety of app icons to choose from, making WhatsApp Plus less boring.

Bulk messaging: WhatsApp Plus 2024 has been optimized for group messaging, making this feature even more stable.

Always online: In WhatsApp Plus 2024, users are allowed to set themselves to be online all the time, regardless of whether they are actually online or not.

Chat in private: Users can choose not to have media from their chats in WhatsApp Plus 2024 displayed in their phone gallery.

HD Pictures: WhatsApp Plus blue allows for high-definition pictures to be sent without compressing the picture quality.

How to download WhatsApp Plus APK latest version

If you need download WhatsApp Plus APK latest version 2024, the 2024 latest official WhatsApp Plus is available for downloading on our official website, APKpure and Uptodown. you could keep the official download website in mind and you will get the latest update of WhatsApp Plus.

The step to download WhatsApp Plus APK

  • Step 1: download WhatsApp plus 2024 is actually very simple. You will need to click on the trusted download link below to download WhatsApp Plus ultima version.
  • Step 2: Transfer the downloaded WhatsApp Plus APK to your phone. Make sure you have enough memory on your phone.
  • Step 3: Turn on the “Allow installation from unknown sources” setting on your phone
  • Step 4: After allowing installation from unknown sources, find the WhatsApp Plus APK again, click on it and you will see the option “Install”, click on it to install WhatsApp Plus.
  • Step 5: Wait for a few moments for the WhatsApp Plus installation step to be completed, users can then launch the WhatsApp Plus APP and choose to sign in to their existing account or sign up for a new account.

Complete these steps and you are ready to start enjoying WhatsApp Plus new version!

About updating WhatsApp Plus 2024

WhatsApp Plus Update 2024

The latest version 2024 was launched in Dec, you can download our official website and update to the 2024 latest version.

The steps to update WhatsApp Plus APK are not cumbersome. If you have not used WhatsApp Plus before, you can get the WhatsApp plus 2024 download link from our official website, please refer to the steps above. If you are currently using a previous version of WhatsApp Plus, you will need to back up your data, download WhatsApp Plus APK latest version from the official website and install it.

Some Problem about updating WhatsApp Plus

Is the process of updating WhatsApp Plus the same as updating the official WhatsApp?

The process of updating WhatsApp Plus is the same as updating the original WhatsApp, it is not different. However, users should note that whether you are updating WhatsApp Plus or the original WhatsApp, you will need to restart the app once you have completed the installation. This will allow you to make sure that the update is complete.

Is it safe to update WhatsApp Plus?

Updating WhatsApp Plus is very safe, as the official website offers multiple protections for downloading and installing WhatsApp Plus. Once you have backed up your data, it will not be lost during the update process. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that updating WhatsApp Plus is safe and secure for both privacy and data.

WhatsApp plus milestone

WhatsApp plus 2022

WhatsApp Plus new version v9.5 was Released in Dec. The R&D team has added the ability for users to send messages to themselves in WhatsApp Plus download 2022.

WhatsApp plus 2021

Blue WhatsApp plus download 2021 adds an anti-deletion feature that allows users to see messages that have been deleted by their contacts.

WhatsApp plus 2020

WhatsApp plus download 2020 is once again optimism for anti-banning, making WhatsApp Plus even more stable and secure.

WhatsApp plus 2019

In 2019, WhatsApp Plus makes another progressive move by adding the DND feature. And WhatsApp Plus download 2019 enables upi payment.

WhatsApp plus 2018

The R&D team of WhatsApp Plus download 2018 optimized the anti-ban feature.

WhatsApp plus 2017

In 2017, WhatsApp Plus refined its features and identified what it needed to optimize. The R&D team defined WhatsApp Plus as an instant messaging APP with customizable themes and the ability for users to have more permissions.

WhatsApp plus 2016

In 2016, WhatsApp Plus was relaunched with the addition of an anti-banning feature.

WhatsApp Plus 2015

In 2015, WhatsApp Plus was banned and forced to shut down due to protests from the official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus 2012

In 2012, Rafalete launched WhatsApp Plus as a versatile alternative to the original WhatsApp.

More Posts About WhatsApp Plus Download 2024

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FAQs of WhatsApp Plus latest version

Q: Is downloading WhatsApp Plus APK free?

A: Yes, the WhatsApp Plus APK that users can download via the official website is free of charge and does not contain any ads.

Q: What is the difference between downloading WhatsApp Plus from other websites – such as gbapps, gbplus, androidwaves – and downloading WhatsApp Plus from the official website

  • Firstly, is the official download site;
  • Secondly, downloading WhatsApp Plus from is completely free and there are no ads;
  • Thirdly, the official website more up-to-date and professional news and updates on WhatsApp Plus.

Q: There are many other gb WhatsApp apk mods on the internet with similar features to WhatsApp plus, such as GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, etc. What are the similarities and differences between them?

A: Whether it is WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, all are part of the mods of original WhatsApp. They all add newer features to the functionality of the original WhatsApp and provide more permissions to the user. Each application develops with a different focus. But WhatsApp Plus offers more themes and is more popular. And WhatsApp Plus offers a more stable and secure system. Therefore WhatsApp Plus is the most popular mod of the original WhatsApp.

About WhatsApp plus IOS/Android

Is WhatsApp Plus only available for Android and not for IOS?

Currently, WhatsApp Plus is only available for Android, and WhatsApp Plus 2024 is not yet available for iPhone.

How can Apple users enjoy the versatility of WhatsApp Plus?

If you are an Apple user but would really like to be able to use WhatsApp Plus, we suggest the following approaches.

  • First method: Have a dedicated Android phone as a backup. You can then download WhatsApp Plus apk from the official WhatsApp Plus website and when you Install WhatsApp Plus on this Android phone, you can start enjoying the amazing features of WhatsApp Plus that the original WhatsApp does not offer.
  • The second way: If you have an Apple computer, is to install the Android emulator on your Apple computer, which allows the user’s computer to emulate an Android device. This way you can use WhatsApp Plus with your Apple computer with the Android emulator.

How can Android users adapt WhatsApp Plus to the IOS style?

For Android users using WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Plus offers a variety of themes. If you happen to like the WhatsApp style on your iPhone, you can find the Apple theme in the WhatsApp Plus theme store – WhatsApp plus estilo iPhone

The similarities and differences between WhatsApp plus extensions

I’m sure many users can notice that WhatsApp Plus comes in a very large number of different colour versions. So what exactly are the similarities or differences between these versions? The following is available for reference.

Listing of WhatsApp plus extensions

WhatsApp plus red

WhatsApp plus red is a completely free, ad-free application developed by the SamMods team. It is functionally identical to WhatsApp Plus, except that it offers different coloured icons.

WhatsApp plus blue

WhatsApp plus blue is the most common of all the colours. Because WhatsApp plus blue is in fact WhatsApp Plus, it is just that different users are used to calling it different things, and some users refer to it as whatsapp plus original colour blue.

WhatsApp plus pink

WhatsApp Plus pink uses pink icons and themes to appeal to more female users. It is an exact replica of WhatsApp Plus in terms of functionality, with the biggest differences still being in the section on themes and icons.

To sum up: there is no difference between these WhatsApp plus extensions in terms of functionality, except that the theme will be named after their icon colours. Users can download them from our official website according to their favourite icon colour, and there are more temas para whatsapp plus waiting for you to explore!

Other Versions of WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus does not only have one R&D team. The different versions of WhatsApp Plus developed by each R&D team have demonstrated superb capabilities. The following are some of the versions that have been released by the different teams:

WhatsApp Plus VersionR&D TeamLast Updated
WhatsApp Plus v8.75heymods28th September, 2022
WhatsApp Plus v9.00heymods21st November, 2022
WhatsApp Plus v10AlexMods4th September, 2022
WhatsApp Plus v12Rafalete8th December, 2021
WhatsApp Plus v13AlexMods27th September, 2022
WhatsApp Plus v17heymods28th October, 2022

Some of the versions mentioned above are historical, but there is no doubt that users are impressed by whichever version is available from whichever development team. More users are choosing to actualizar WhatsApp Plus to the latest version. This is because the WhatsApp Plus ultima version offers a better user experience and meets more of the users’ needs.

Is there any difference between the different versions of WhatsApp Plus mentioned above, such as WhatsApp Plus v9.00 and WhatsApp Plus v 17?

There are three different R&D teams for WhatsApp Plus — heymods, AlexMods and Rafalete. And the fact that there are so many different versions of WhatsApp Plus is mainly due to the different naming conventions of the different R&D teams for WhatsApp Plus. However, there is no major difference in functionality between the different versions of WhatsApp Plus. It is just that different versions of WhatsApp Plus are updated at different times. If you are interested in these versions as well you can download WhatsApp Plus any version from the official website by clicking on the links in the table.

Trivia about WhatsApp Plus

About WhatsApp Web Plus

WhatsApp Plus is available as a web version — WhatsApp web plus, which can only be used on the web and cannot be downloaded from the Appstore or Google play. If you need to use it on your mobile phone, you can download the official version of WhatsApp plus from the website.

About WhatsApp plus lite apk

WhatsApp Plus is also available in its own lite version. The R&D team has taken into account the size of the content on some users’ phones and has launched not only the WhatsApp Plus APK but also the WhatsApp plus lite apk. WhatsApp plus lite apk takes up less memory and is suitable for users who have less memory space on their phones or who do not want to overload their apps with memory. Click here to get the official WhatsApp plus lite apk download link.

Last Thoughts

Instant messaging applications have brought a lot of convenience to our lives and many people think of WhatsApp Plus when talking about popular internet applications that break the limitations imposed by the original WhatsApp. During the popularity of the official WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus 2024 also made a big splash and attracted a lot of attention. A large number of users showed strong affection for the exclusive features of WhatsApp Plus 2024 during its use, thus providing WhatsApp Plus 2024 with a large user base. Click on the button below to enjoy the customizable APK WhatsApp Plus.

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