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Why your WhatsApp Gold account was banned and How to Fix it?

Why your WhatsApp Gold account be Blocked? 

WhatsApp Gold is hosted on the same server as the official WhatsApp, which enables the app to monitor user activity and identify any potentially malicious actions, such as spamming.

Why your WhatsApp Gold account was banned and How to Fix it?

To avoid being banned, it is recommended that you reset your privacy settings by navigating to the “MODS” section and selecting “Privacy settings,” followed by “Reset privacy.”

To avoid being banned WhatsApp Gold account, it’s important to avoid certain behaviors.

  1. Forwarding multiple messages at once should be avoided.
  2. Posting long-term statuses is not recommended.
  3. Automatic replies should be disabled.
  4. Sending abusive messages can result in others reporting your phone number.
  5. Frequent uninstallation and reinstallation of WhatsApp Gold.
  6. Unwanted messages, pictures, and videos should not be shared to maintain a healthy environment on the app.
  7. Repeatedly removing many people from a group should be avoided to prevent disturbance to group dynamics.

If you encounter a ban with your WhatsApp Gold account, Follow these two way:

When you find your account be banned , the first step is tap on “Request a Review.” Provide the request of unblock your account on the next screen.

If the previous method fails to solve your problem, you have the option to get in touch with the support team through email at [email protected]. You can make use of the email template provided and modify it to suit your particular situation.

To: [email protected]
Subject: My Account was deactivated

My number + is not workable now, and the system said my account has been banned, can you help me recover my number?


If you have any additional worries or questions, please don’t hesitate to inform us. Our team is always ready to extend any possible aid.

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